Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage

by Dawn M. Dillon, LMT & Reiki Master
2277 State Rd, Suite K2, Plymouth, MA

Frequently Asked Massage Questions

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What is Therapeutic Massage?

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue.  Other terms included in the definition are effluerage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (percussion), vibration,  compression, friction, nerve strokes and Swedish gymnastics , either by hand or with electrical or mechanical apparatus for the purpose of body massage.  Massage Therapy can include the use of oils, lotions, salt glows, heat lamps, hot or cold packs, tub, shower, or cabinet baths.   Click on the below links to learn more about each topic.

Benefits of Massage

Why Receive a Massage?

What to Expect During Your Massage

Do I have to undress?  Will I be covered?  How much of my body will be massaged?  Click on the above link for answers to these and more questions about your session.

Why is Massage a Health Investment?

Massage Helps with Positive Body Image

Benefits of Maternity Massage

At Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage, we have a specialty table specifically designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy. This specialty table has breast recesses and a belly sling that adjusts to fit any size belly, allowing expectant moms to be able to lay on their bellies, while comfortably supporting you and your baby.    

Massage & Cancer

Bodywork for Baby Boomers

Massage for Seniors

Benefits of Chair Massage

What is Reiki?